Unlu Announces Online Cohort For Aspiring Singers

This will provide 12-16 weeks of structured learning and curated content by 15 celebrity instructors and experts. It will offer lifetime access to a community of millions of creators - with the focus on building a financially sustainable career for content creators.

unlu - an immersive learning platform in creative education has recently announced the launch of India’s first cohort of aspiring singers. Being an interactive academy in the creator tech space, unlu’s flagship cohort program helps aspiring creators to learn from the top industry experts, and celebrity instructors, and help them collaborate with other creators to create impactful content and build a career by monetizing the content.

The cohort will include 100+ hours of structured learning and 12-16 weeks of curated content with lifetime community access. Besides this, the cohort will facilitate learning from more than 15 experts and celebrity instructors to help them learn from the best and know the opportunities to make a financially sustainable career. The cohort will also enable the aspirants to record their first song and get million plus views on each published song.

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