VFS Edu Support Services partners with Oxademy to launch World’s first ‘AI-based’ online learning programs for students

‘AI-based’ internationally-accredited post-graduate and executive education programs


VFS Edu Support Services Pvt. Ltd., the education services arm of VFS Global, announced a partnership with award-winning UK-based Edtech Oxademy Technologies and its subsidiary Oxademy Business School on 18 th July, 2017 in Mumbai, to form the new global digital learning platform ‘VFS-Oxademy’.

 VFS-Oxademy offers a first-of- its-kind knowledge-driven artificial intelligence (AI) cloud infrastructure called OX360, which identifies each learner's strengths and weaknesses and generates learning paths based on individual learner’s behaviour, personalising the learning to each individual student. The new platform is designed to be a response to the limitations of purely online courses, which have suffered from high drop-out rates due to lack of personalised learning element, the monotony of rote learning.

 VFS-Oxademy will provide internationally-accredited post-graduate and executive education programmes in full online and ‘blended’ modes – combining online with classroom learning – for aspiring students and professionals from across the globe.

Another significant benefit to students is the substantially lower cost of obtaining an accredited qualification through VFS-Oxademy. The ‘study from anywhere, anytime and on any device’ model of education allows students from across the world real-time accessibility to world-class education courses, at a price that is substantially more cost effective.

Mr. Syed Shahzad (Oxon), Founder & CEO, Oxademy, said, “We are bringing learning to people instead of people to learning and its done by embracing the latest technologies available in digital human interaction and by using huge amount of data. VFS – Oxademy partnership is leading the way and pushing the boundaries by incorporating features that make use of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Analytics to evolve the education sector.”

VFS-Oxademy’s collaborative digital learning platform OX360 is a significant milestone for both entities. The fundamental objective of this collaboration is to revolutionise education by offering students from across the globe enhanced accessibility to world-class learning through an AI-driven next-gen digital platform.

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