VMC Launches Its Test Of The Year-VIQ

On the occasion of teacher’s day, candidates can register for free from 5th Sept to 15th Sept 21

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Commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr S Radhakrishnan, on the occasion of Teacher's Day, India's premier institute for JEE and NEET preparations, Vidyamandir Classes, launched its most-awaited and biggest test of the year - Vidyamandir Intellect Quest.

VIQ is a national level online test for admission and scholarship to join one of the various courses available at Vidyamandir Classes for the next batch, but also provides an early start advantage for the current session. While the batch commences for the next academic year starting from April 2022, students selected in this test will also be entitled to cover the current syllabus as well.

Successful candidates will be selected based on their performance in the test and an opportunity to grab a scholarship of up to 100 per cent. This test is a great opportunity for students with an early start advantage, and need not wait for the next session to commence.

"Equivalently, VIQ opens doors for JEE and NEET aspirants of accelerated success and meaningful accomplishment while also making them comprehend their current potential and academic intellect based on the marks obtained. By and large, Vidyamandir Intellect Quest offers an unbounded opportunity for the IIT JEE & NEET aspirants which will surely keep them one step ahead by preparing them to lead in a society driven by cutthroat competition." Said Brij Mohan, Co-Founder, Vidyamandir Classes.

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