Virtual Inauguration Of International Teachers Guild Foundation In The Presence Of Chief Guest Sanjay Dhotre - Union Minister Of State For Education, Communications, IT, Government Of India

With a successful outset of this inaugural, International Teachers Guild Foundation aims to uplift youth and unify the structure to establish a sublime educational community in India.

Today, International Teachers Guild Foundation embarked the inaugural ceremony of their unique non-profit organization for students and children with their virtual event over Zoom Application at 5.30 pm. This one-of-a-kind platform’s huge endeavour is to unify education by empowering teachers and enhancing the quality of education for children to learn effectively.

The inauguration commenced amidst the gleaming presence of the Chief Guest Sanjay Dhotre (Union Minister of State for Education, Communications, IT, Government of India). In his words, he laid out “It is my immense pleasure to be part of this inaugural program of International Teachers Guild Organization. I congratulate and extend my best wishes to the members of this organization providing excellent academic facilities and enabling infrastructure to students and educational institutions across India."

Quality education is a hallmark of every advanced culture and bedrock of nation-building. Quality higher education is the engine of national productivity. To achieve the Atmanirbhar Bharat as envisioned by our Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, we must strive to have world-class education rooted in the values and ethos of India, that is Bharat. Given the 21st-century requirements, quality higher education must aim to develop good, thoughtful, well rounded and creative individuals.

"Education is not just about acquiring bookish knowledge. It is about acquiring knowledge with rational thinking, scientific temper. It is also about instilling the basic values which our Constitution has given to us. This will ensure a truly ‘Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat.” If knowledge is acquired in Mother's tongue, it is more effective." 

"And to achieve this, under the leadership of our visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi, we have just announced our National Education Policy. And due emphasis is given on learning in the mother tongue." 

"The teacher must be at the centre of the fundamental reforms in the education system. The new education policy proposes to re-establish teachers, at all levels, as the most respected and essential members of our society, because they truly shape our next generation of citizens. It strives to empower teachers and help them to do their job as effectively as possible. Its policy aims to help recruit the very best and brightest to enter the teaching profession at all levels, by ensuring livelihood, respect, dignity, and autonomy, while also instilling in the system basic methods of quality control and accountability."

"I once again congratulate you all and extend my best wishes for the bright and glorious future of this organization."

Notable Advisory Panelists - Shri Randhir Savarkar Maharashtra Legislative Assembly (MLA) Politician appreciated this initiative and emphasized the importance of education. Also, the CEO Ayush Prasad, Prof. Prabhat Ranjan, Ph.D., (U C Berkeley) Vice-Chancellor, D Y Patil International University, Pune, Dr Mallikarjun, Sue Lloyd and Sara Wrenham, co-authors of Jolly phonics program, UK, Neeti Nagarkar, promoters of International Teachers Guild Foundation Shripad Joshi, Neeti S. Nagarkar, Jasmeet Arora, Vinod Tiwari, and a few other dignitaries from the education industry marked their presence in the succession of this virtual inaugural. It experienced some very impactful and valuable ideas to reinforce a unified structure of education.

Sharing a determined perspective, LEARN - CONNECT - SHARE, International Teachers Guild Foundation connects with the like-minded people who specializes in the field of education to bring a change in the conditions of care, development, and learning in India. The organization aims to build a resource centre for the educational needs of various bodies by providing a range of facilities including information, latest research, training, ideas, solutions, and counselling. The International Teachers Guild Foundation looks to work with key entities like the Government, Balwadi and Zilla Parishads, professionals, teachers, teacher training colleges, and entrepreneurial networks for pursuing the objective.  

Their vision builds an integration for all the members of the education a system including parents, principals, teachers, counsellors, support staff, curriculum designers, special educators, manufacturers of education aids & school products to advocate, discuss, learn, share, connect, and bring a change in the quality of care, development, and learning in India.  

With a successful outset of this inaugural, International Teachers Guild Foundation aims to uplift youth and unify the structure to establish a sublime educational community in India.

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