Virtual Learning: Edtech Goes Beyond Test Prep To Promote Holistic Development

EdTech plays a key role in providing the right platform to identify their passions, pursue hobbies of their choice and build self-confidence

India’s education system has been undergoing a gradual transformation over the past few years, slowly but steadily embracing technology in its effort to contemporize and cater to the evolving learning needs of today’s generation. Even before the COVID 19 outbreak, occasional Zoom classes, gamification and online assessments were already being adopted by schools in metros and tier-1 cities. Increased availability of low-cost smartphones and cheap data packs also made YouTube a popular medium for both accessing and imparting education. However, it was the emergence of EdTech startups that resulted in a wider, greater acceptance of digital learning across India. While K12 education and test preparation remain big even today, there is now a rising focus on other areas such as skill development, STEM kits, certification courses, and, of course, extracurricular activities. Once the pandemic hit the globe, white space was created for skill development and extracurricular learning, which were typically undertaken by schools and/or hyperlocal ECA centres earlier. EdTech companies have come forward to fill this white space and will continue to be a changemaker in the future. 

Changing parental perceptions towards extracurricular learning; a white space for EdTech brands to leverage

The world today is led by innovators and creators, and academic excellence alone is not enough to guarantee success. Participation in extracurricular activities is necessary for children to cultivate crucial life skills, build resilience and adapt to the fast-changing 21st century. Realizing this, parents are now encouraging and supporting their children to nurture interests outside of academia, learn specialized skills, pursue various hobbies and engage in recreational activities. They want their children to outshine them and they are willing to go all out to find the right resources that can contribute to their children’s holistic development. This shift in parental perception towards extracurricular learning has led to an increased demand for platforms offering ECA courses. 

Promoting the development of SPICE skills

If not exposed to extracurricular learnings and enrichment activities, children can fail to acquire interpersonally, communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, which are essential to thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. ECAs not only empower them with such necessary skills but also help them become well-rounded individuals, specifically through the development of SPICE (social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional) skills. This allows children to discover their true potential, grow intellectually, socially as well as personally, and be well-prepared for a fast-changing future. 

Bringing the next revolution in the ECA space

When it comes to the ECA learning space, there are multiple challenges to tackle. With almost no availability of a structured curriculum, the market remains largely unorganized and the quality of resources available for learning is not at par with global standards. EdTech companies are addressing these challenges head-on through their innovative, technology-enabled offerings and bringing value to both learners and teachers. They are facilitating seamless access to professional teachers and trained experts from all over the world, which means learners do not be limited to locally available resources. Aided by technological advancements, EdTech companies are incorporating learnings from behavioural sciences and child psychology to develop tools that augment engagement and enhance the learning experience. Moreover, these platforms offer live sessions that can be attended by children from various parts of the country or the continent, thus allowing for richer cultural learnings and experiences at the same time.

Final word

Given the malleable nature of their minds, children are naturally inclined to pick up new skills and engaging in ECA activities only broadens the scope of knowledge. This is where EdTech plays a key role in providing the right platform to identify their passions, pursue hobbies of their choice and build self-confidence. By taking a holistic approach towards child development, EdTech startups are helping create a generation of socially responsible, passionate, and emotionally aware and empathetic leaders who will go on to innovate, create exciting things and bring positive changes to the world. 

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