We Hope That The NEP Will Be Implemented In Its True Letter And Spirit: Om Pathak, Chairman, DPSG Society

BW Education hosted BW Dialogue on Education with Mr Om Pathak who is the Chairman of DPSG Society.

To understand the present scenario of teaching-learning process amid COVID-19 and the New Education Policy & its implementation, BW Education hosted BW Dialogue on Education with Mr Om Pathak who is the Chairman of DPSG Society. He engaged in an insightful conversation with Dr Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, BW Businessworld & exchange4media Group.

Talking about DPSG's efforts in making sure that the learning never stops and all the three stakeholders - the teachers, the students and the parents, feel comfortable, Om Pathak, Chairman of DPSG Society, asserted, “Initially, there was a problem of where the learning to know, how to reach across the students. So, the issues and challenges generally bed around the technology. So what we did was, we very quickly put together some of our best teachers who then evaluated every single platform that is available and having evaluated that, in terms of its ability to sustain over a period of time, not just to meet this emergency but also to be able to carry on with that even if the pandemic is over. So, that was the view-point from where we evaluated systems and we finally latched on to Microsoft Teams and we found it extremely useful but then there were technological issues on the other hand – the devices, the bandwidth and so on and so forth. But it was very heartening to see that the families and the teachers very quickly came to the grips of the problem and they upgraded their IT infrastructure.”

Commenting on the NEP 2020, Mr Pathak said, “I welcome the New Education Policy. The components of the NEP have been discussed and debated in the country for a long time. What is important is how is this policy rolled on to the ground, what is the implementation commitment, what is it that we are showing on the ground. Unfortunately, the two policies of 1986 and 1992 which was the partial modification, did not produce the desired results. When this new policy has now come, we hope that it will be implemented in its true letter and spirit”  

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