WhiteHat Jr Expands Coding Curriculum With Physical-Digital Blended Model

This new model will enable coding access to schoolchildren across India

WhiteHat Jr announced the launch of a physical-digital blended coding curriculum for school children in the country. The program combines the power of WhiteHat Jr’s online platform with a classroom model, where children can learn and collaborate with their peers.

The program has been specially developed to support schools in India. It delivers three key features:

  • Proprietary curriculum: WhiteHat Jr has designed an activity-based structured coding curriculum from Grade 1 -12. 
  • Physical cum digital access: To maximize the benefits of peer classroom learning, the coding classes will be delivered in the school computer labs in person by a trained teacher using the WhiteHat Jr’s proprietary technology platform. 
  • Teacher training program: WhiteHat Jr has developed a new teacher training program to prepare teachers for conducting the coding program in schools. 

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