With Offices, Schools And Universities Reopening Amidst Uncertainties, How Can AI And Health Tech Provide Assurance To The Worried Individuals?

The advancements in technology have assured the masses of handling the pandemic in a much secure manner.

Offices, schools, universities and other institutions are now resuming, but uncertainties and health-risks still prevail. Health experts believe that the next wave of the coronavirus pandemic is already midway but at the same time, the economy cannot remain in lockdown forever.

Amongst other things, if the pandemic has done something right, it would be boosting the technology sector across the world. Corporates, Educational institutions, Medical facilities, and many more have been, with no exception, front runners in adapting to the same. The advancements in technology have assured the masses of handling the pandemic in a much secure manner. Concepts such as virtual attendance has started to gain momentum across the board. Thermal sensing devices that measure a person’s body temperature right when he/she enters through the door and can also serve as biometric attendance management systems and are being installed at a faster rate.

Devices that raise an alert if someone is not wearing a mask or if people are not maintaining proper social distancing are being employed to ensure further safety of the students at schools and colleges, and employees. All these measures have been made possible with the help of AI and ML algorithms in place. With more such advancements taking place every day, we are becoming better equipped to deal with the deadly virus. We are now in a far better position than we were at the start of the pandemic.

At the same time, despite a lot of challenges along the way, the health-tech industry has also seen rapid growth. We have witnessed Humanoids and robots, providing a helping hand to the healthcare workers at different hospitals such as AIIMS, Delhi, and Fortis Hospital Bengaluru. Apart from witnessing robots being a helping hand, we have seen chatbots assisting in online and virtual consultations. There has been a significant rise in online, video and telephonic consultations, leading to fewer hospital visits and thereby reducing the pandemic’s spread.

With offices, schools and universities reopening amidst the prevailing uncertainties, these uses of AI and health tech can surely provide assurance to the individuals who are worried about their safety in their workplace.

AI-driven technologies are being used at the diagnostic centres and hospitals to analyze the patient’s X-Rays, MRIs and EMRs. Even our day-to-day objects are evolving with the help of the latest technological advancements. For example, Smartwatches have become smarter; remember the recent case of an Apple Watch owner, whose watch detected a possible heart attack and saved his life. Well, that is how efficient AI-powered devices have become. Continuous monitoring of health was never this easy before. We now even have self-sterilizing pens (from Linc Pen) that acts as an extension of your index finger, you can use it to tap at surfaces without touching them and avoid contact with elevator buttons, doorbells, card machines, ATM Buttons, etc.

Technology has made it easier for us to get back to our usual routine, but the danger is still upon us. As the age-old adage goes, “Prevention is better than cure,” while technology is surely there to help us stay safe we still need to be on guard following every preventive measure possible; as in this case, only prevention prevails. Preventative measures such as masks, sanitizers, and social distancing will go a much longer way in combating the deadly virus.

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