WizKlub Plans To Hire 150 More Tutors On Seeing Growth

WizKlub Sees 30 per cent Student Growth Rate In a Month And Plans To Hire 150 More Tutors 

WizKlub, a k-12 focussed ed-tech startup that builds skills for future careers, has onboarded an increased number of students in the past one month which is a 30 per cent month-on-month student growth rate. These students, across age groups, are engaged with WizKlub’s programmes to build cognitive excellence and tech excellence - HOTS (higher-order thinking skills), and Young Product Designer Program involving IoT Robotics & Coding on latest technologies like Alexa and AI. WizKlub is expecting this growth trend to continue and is in the process of hiring 150 tutors in the next 45 days to cater to the next 5,000 students. The focus continues to onboard the top tutors after a rigorous selection process. This surge in demand for courses across interests has been fuelled by the growing realization amongst parents to invest in skills beyond basic academics. 

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