Your Art and Talent Will Take You To Places: Annant Gaur, Art Director, Writer And Filmmaker

BW Education engaged in a conversation with Annant Gaur, Art Director, Writer and Filmmaker.

Behind glitters and glamour of the celeb world are artists, quietly contributing to the Film Industry and Entertainment Media. One of such talented artists is Annant Gaur. An Art Director, writer and filmmaker by profession. This artist born and brought up in New Delhi, India according to his IMDB is known for Indian films like Government 3 (2017) and Veerappan (2016) and Rowdy (2014) – all under Ram Gopal Varma Banner.

Annant pursued his MFA in Film Production from Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida and moved to California to pursue his dream. His onset experience from being a Production Assistant to an Art Director and a Documentary Filmmaker has been rewarding for he is catching attention in Hollywood.

Annant worked as an Art Production Assistant on a feature-length horror/thriller titled “Paradise Cove” directed by the talented Martin Guigui (director of Bronx Bull, Drama Drama). “The make-believe part of horror film is the illusion created through building and dressing up sets. Dressing up horror scenes feels all most surreal but it’s amazing how lively an art looks through the lens of a camera” he said on his experience working on Paradise Cove.

He worked under the guidance of the maestro production designer Alessandro Marvelli who is known for contributing his work to artists such as Conrad, Linkin Park, James Blunt and TV shows such as American Horror Story. Annant also worked with Mr. Marvelli on a feature-length drama film titled “Centurion” directed by Dana Gonzales (Fargo TV series, Legion TV series). But one of his finest on set experience has been working as an Art Production Assistant on the latest music video of Avril Lavigne called “I fell in love with the Devil” shot at Golden Oak Ranch, under Chromista production. “Music Videos are mostly intense for lot of work is meant to be done under a short period of time of 10 to 12 hours. For this music video, we were making and breaking sets simultaneously as it was getting shot in the previous setting.”

Annant gained his first major acclaim at the Global Peace Film Festival and FusionFilm Fest 2018 where his directed documentary titled ‘Transition’ won Audience Choice Awards and The Grand Prize Finalist Award in 2018. Transition tells the story of five International Students who face culture shock in America as they pursue their higher studies and get used to change around them as well as shed light on how their experiences differs from one another.

Annant Gaur has currently got future projects lined up as an Art Director in association with the prestigious Sunset Pictures on feature-length films set to produce in the upcoming year. 

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