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The ACCA qualification has proven to be a stepping stone for thousands of students who have achieved successful career positions post their qualification.

A career in accountancy and finance is a great choice and can offer excellent job prospects with high salaries. You could work your way right up to the leadership position in an organization with the right professional accountancy qualification.

The ACCA qualification has proven to be a stepping stone for thousands of students who have achieved successful career positions post their qualification. It stands different in numerous ways in comparison to the traditional accounting qualifications and aims to provide students first-hand opportunity to experience a rewarding career in accountancy, finance and management.

Below are the key career benefits that the ACCA Qualification adds to your career:

Global Recognition

ACCA aspiring students can study and work globally as this qualification is highly recognized and valued around the world. ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global professional body for professional accountants with a thriving global community of 233,000 members and 536,000 future members based in 178 countries and regions, who work across a wide range of sectors and industries upholding the highest professional and ethical values.


Whether you are a student pursuing your formal education or a working professional, the ACCA Qualification offers flexibility to study and appear for your exams at your pace. You can choose to give a single paper to a maximum of 4 papers in each of the 4 quarterly based exam attempts held annually. The flexibility in examination helps manage your priorities alongside completion of the qualification.

Versatile Curriculum

The qualification provides students with a balance of Finance, Accountancy and Business relevant curriculum to ensure students imbibe 360 Degree learning along with the development of their knowledge and skills. The versatility in the curriculum allows students to open various career opportunities to work in business or finance, the public sector, the charity sector, with the government or as external consultants by offering their accounting or financial advisory solutions.

Multiple certifications

Students can gain additional diplomas and qualifications as they progress towards the ACCA membership. The ACCA qualification offers the Diploma in Accounting and Finance and the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Finance at the Fundamental Level. Students gain the ACCA Professional Qualification post passing their ACCA Professional Level. Additionally, students can also achieve Bachelor’s Degree (BSc. in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University). The multiple certifications add higher resume and recognition value for a student’s career. 

Exam from Home

In the current unprecedented times with the pandemic spread; there has been great deal of technological advancement in exam appearing methodology. To ensure that the students have an uninterrupted career trajectory, they now have an option for appearing for their ACCA Qualification exam from home or anywhere.


ACCA Body offers exemptions at ACCA’s Foundation level or ACCA Qualification to students with prior learning. This helps ensure students start with the course at the level that is appropriate to them further reducing their ACCA membership attainment time.

IFRS Based Learning

The IFRS – International Financial Reporting Standards framework has been in huge demand amongst companies as more and more economies are shifting to the IFRS implementation as part of the Accounting and Finance standards. The curriculum covers in-depth learning on various subjects that helps students in uplifting their technical knowledge and skills and also fulfils the rising demand of IFRS learning in various Accountancy & Financial roles across national as well as international businesses.

Practical Experience Requirement (PER)

As part of your journey to become an ACCA member at FINPLAN, you must demonstrate relevant skills and experience within a real work environment. This is what ACCA's Practical Experience Requirement (PER) is all about. Students in the process to gain their PER have the benefit to experience a real work environment in varied roles within corporate and businesses. This increases their practical understanding further driving more practical understanding within their learning process.

Progressive Career Pathway

Accountancy students can place themselves at the forefront of ground-breaking change by studying for the world’s first integrated master’s program with the University of London at the same time as taking their professional qualification with ACCA. Taking both qualifications at the same time has been made possible through an innovative partnership between ACCA and the University of London. This opportunity opens progressive career pathways for students who want to enhance their portfolios and make sure they develop a higher level of recognition and expertise for themselves.

Access International Career Opportunities

The ACCA qualification opens doors to satisfying, strategic work all over the world. Whether you would want to work your way in the Audit and Assurance, Business Restructuring, Compliance and Risk, Business Development, Cyber Security, Financial Services, Project Management or Investor Relationship Management; the ACCA Qualification offers you global career access to becoming a Global Finance Professional.

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