Your Highway To A Faster College Admission. Welcome To The Virtual World. AFAIRS Launches Virtual Admissions Fair.

Now in our Virtual Admissions Fair, they too can participate and engage with experts, College Deans and Admissions Officers alongwith you.

The virtual world of education can be perplexing, with scores of sites and endless information. In this information overloaded virtual world, how would you know which is authentic, which can be relied upon and most importantly, which one is apt for you.

You are at the crossroads to your career highway. Now is the time to decide which option to go for. In these COVID times, the education canvass too has changed. Many courses have emerged stronger than before. Which are these? Where would you get all relevant information? How would you get access to the experts who would rightly guide you?

And that’s where AFAIRS comes in with their knowledge and expertise of 25 years. Being Asia’s leading

Education Fair & Convention Organizer, their latest launch is the Virtual Admissions Fair, the very first one- of-a-kind in India. So how exactly do you gain from this? Here’s how:

1. This virtual fair enables you to gain authentic and quick access to esteemed Institutions, their deans and Admissions Officers. You not only get to meet them in this online platform, but also get to engage with them on a one-on-one basis.

2. AFAIRS has partnered with  QS I·GAUGE as their Knowledge Partner. They are the first who have devised Indian college & university rating system. They are on this virtual platform to share their insights on the right choices for you.

3. Virtual Admissions Fair is NOT a webinar, where college heads speak and you hear them and at the end of the session, you get your chance to ask your questions. NO. Here, you interact with the colleges and their offices as if you were present there physically. Hence, no time is lost, your specific doubts are cleared on the spot and you get to make your decisions faster.

4. And this is so important. We understand just how much agony your parents must be going through, with so much uncertainty. Now in our Virtual Admissions Fair, they too can participate and engage with experts, College Deans and Admissions Officers alongwith you.

5. There is now no need to scout through the websites of all your preferred Institutions. In Virtual Admissions Fair, at the click of a button, you get to know everything about the Institutions. From campus to courses, faculty to feels, recognition to placements. This is like taking a virtual tour of the campus while having a one-on-one with relevant officers.

In short, Virtual Admissions Fair brings you every information on a platter. Speak to the experts to know the right career choice for you. Hear them speak on relevant topics. Pick a college of your choice by speaking directly to the Admissions Officer.

So what are you waiting for? Register today!

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