iSchoolConnect Inc. Helps Students Win Scholarships Worth Rs 3.2Cr

In an effort to assist students with their study abroad plans, iSchoolConnect, a US and India-based EdTech company guided study abroad aspirants to secure scholarships, fellowships, and grants worth ₹Rs. 3.2 Crores.

When it comes to higher education overseas, students often face the terrible dilemma of whether or not they should go ahead with their plans due to the high costs of tuition. Organisations and governments worldwide offer scholarships, grants, and even fellowships to help students lessen their financial burdens somewhat so that they don’t have to abandon their education plans.

So far, the organization has helped over 10,000 students get into universities like the Pennsylvania State University, New York University, Duke University, Carnegie Mellon University, Boston University, University of Texas, and more. iSchoolConnect also assisted these aspirants to receive scholarships worth over Rs 2.8 Crores from universities, various organizations, and governments. These funds helped students cover their tuition fees, costs of living, and other miscellaneous expenses that come with studying abroad.

In addition to the above, the iSchoolConnect Scholarship was an altruistic venture started by Ashish Fernando in September 2020, when he decided to give back all the support he had received for his education abroad. The scholarship offers financial assistance of close to $50,000, i.e. around Rs 40 lakhs, in the form of university application guidance, university fees, and flight tickets to deserving students in need.

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