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Prerna Lamba is Correspondent at BW Businessworld.

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Education Is A Best Tool To Eradicate Anything In The World: Achyuta Samanta

He talked about his journey from belonging to economically weaker section of the society to providing education to tribal children in order to empower them.

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Leading With Impact Module To Be Introduced For MBA Aspirants From Next Year At University Of Essex

In an exclusive interaction with BW, Nicolas Forsans, Director of Business School at University of Essex, talks about the scope and career prospects of MBA programme of the university. He also shares insights on the scholarships offered by the university. Excerpts:

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A Perfect Employable Candidate Is The One Who Is Adaptable To Change: Ranjan Bose

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), Delhi plans to organise itself as a conglomerate of research and development centers in partnership with different companies and global organisations. In an exclusive conversation with BW Education, Ranjan Bose, Director of IIIT Delhi discusses the current challenges in the education sector and how is IIIT Delhi addressing these issues. Excerpts:

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Learning Via Educational Advertisements

EduTree is an interactive learning tool for replacing television advertisements with educational content that is of the same duration as an advertisement. The educational content created aims to teach a topic in a short span of time. The product works as a middle technology disruptor between television, computer, and mobile phone and can also be used as a WiFi router. The product has five major features called EduTips, EduTest, EduProgress, EduEye, and Educast.

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I Loved The Recess Breaks: Arbaz Khan

BW Education met Arbaz Khan for an exclusive interaction wherein he shares fondest memories of his school life.

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IIT Delhi Was A Unique And Fulfilling Experience: Amol Parashar

The famously known as Internet’s Chocolate Boy, Chitvan aka Amol Parashar received fame from the TVF Tripling web-series, is an actor with smart and endearing looks seen in TVCs. He has done various plays, short films and is gradually making a space for himself in movies as well. From his alma mater IIT-Delhi to acting, he talks with BW Education about his college life and shares his views on the current state of engineering education in the country. Excerpts:

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IIT Is Not The End Of The World: Jitendra Kumar

The millennial icon and a digital sensation, acclaimed for his natural flair for acting, has won a million hearts through his outstanding performances. In an exclusive conversation with BW Education, Jitendra Kumar - an IIT graduate, talks about his recent educational satire web series ‘Kota Factory’. He also shares his journey from being an engineer to an actor and opines on the current engineering education of the country. Excerpts:

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Have A Degree But No Job!

The engineering colleges in India churn out as many as 1.5 million graduates every year, of whom a minuscule seven per cent are considered ‘employable’. BW Education examines this paradox of a scarcity of ‘employable’ manpower and the swarm of engineers with degrees and diplomas, but not job skills.

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GUS Buys Out Laureate Education India Biz

GUS is an international network of higher education institutions with its presence in Europe, UK, Canada and South Asia, known to provide high standards of student experience and training across various fields.

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Budget 2019: Launching 'Study In India' Initiative To Target Foreign Students, Says Fin Min

The minister said ‘Study in India’ programme will focus on attracting foreign students to the country.

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