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Secrets To Boosting Employee Morale: Make Them Believe In Your Vision. Read How

Recognizing employees for doing the job right increases the likelihood that they will continue to do so, enabling them to make a dramatic impression on the company

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Over 10 Percent Indians Lie In Their Resume

Out of the total people giving wrong information, almost 10 percent of them report faking about completing a course, 5 percent report about fake universities, and the majority of discrepancies, almost 50 percent are found in documents submitted by the candidates

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How IoT Is Transforming Indian Job Market

The government is working to lay out regulations for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Once that happens, the sector will truly take off, and job opportunities will follow for those who have the necessary technical knowledge and practical skills

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Nearly 40% Future Jobs In India Will Demand Different Skill Sets

The internet and exponential technologies are creating new employment opportunities in the areas of ‘white-collar’ working

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We Will Have 20 crore Unemployed People By 2025 Without Skill Development: FICCI Chairman

Mohan Das Pai, Chairman, FICCI Skill Development Committee said that we need to prepare for skills that will last 40 years. The change in technology in the last 15 years has been greater than the previous 50 years

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Here Are Different Start-ups Which Can Act As A Teacher For Your Child


Education is the ultimate goal of every parent for their children in India. Some of the start-ups in the industry which aims to provide better coaching for kids to develop their creative minds. With the technological advancements, kids are also more likely using it for their studies

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Automation Unlikely To Affect High-skilled Jobs

Across the globe, HfS Research said the IT industry would see a net decrease of 7.5 percent in headcount by 2022, with countries like the US, UK and India taking a hit

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SP Jain Management School Sees 14% Increase In Average Salary

The average salaries of the students have gone up to Rs 22.52 lakh, against Rs 16.5 lakh from last year

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Are Indian Engineers Really Sub-standard?

Degrading education quality and outdated curriculum have become more pronounced with automation and emerging technology remodeling businesses

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Teacher's Day Special: Teachers Can Drive The Societal Change In India, Says Tata Trusts

People who are economically deprived are concerned as their immediate life tends to pose significant challenges of economic needs, health and safety, which outweighs their capacity to patiently support their children to complete 10 to 15 years of formal education

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