Ankit Kapoor

The author is Head, Pratham Education

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Early Preparations Make Better Winners

As soon as the student is on verge of clearing class 10th, one important question which bothers everyone is which stream to choose and which career to pursue

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Why Go For International Undergraduate Education And How Do We Get To The Best?

The demand for high-quality education fuelled by a rising and stable economic condition in the country has managed to make this idea turn into a reality for many.

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Strategizing The Preparations For DU-JAT 2020

Due to the uniqueness, finesse & wholesomeness of the courses, DUJAT remains at the top list of students’ for making a better career choice.

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IIM IPM: Best Bet After Class XII

IPM is a course structure that provides a holistic development rather than just managerial skills.

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Smoother Transition To Online Mode, Helping Students Resuming Their Preparations

Where it was easy for the big players to shift to this mode as they had the infrastructure and logistics, but for the small players, it was extremely difficult for this paradigm shift.

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