Archana Goenka

Mrs. Archana Goenka is Academic Director of C.P Goenka International School

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Impact Of 3d Printing And Robotics In The Education System

The concept has currently been introduced to the secondary and primary sections. The parents have responded with great enthusiasm for this introduction.

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The Advent Of Smart School In The Next 5 Years

Yes, smart schooling is the answer to making learning interesting, purposeful and giving a direction to a dream and pathways to achieve the same, Undoubtedly most schools recognize this need and are working towards it.

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Effects Of Virtual Peer Pressure

The virtual lifestyle has spared none and crippled all! While it has made life simpler for most of us, there is also an increased rate of side effects that they bring along with them. And one such harsh truth is that of going through virtual peer pressure. While peer pressure among the youth and specifically the teenage children, in the physical surroundings is always a cause of concern, parents have another reason to worry with the virtual peer pressure building around their kids.

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