Asheesh Gupta

The author is Pro Vice-Chancellor at JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur.

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Digital Systems Of Learning May Soon Dominate Education

Digitalization eliminates many traditional barriers of access and geography for both teachers and students.

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Education Crisis: India Juggling With Engineering Education Issue, Need To Take Concrete Steps

The need of the hour is to retooling, reskilling and reprogramming that will enable us to create new learning skills by providing unbundled learning and provide a multidisciplinary perspective. Instead of curriculum-based education, engineers need to focus more on essential communications, critical thinking and collaborating skills.

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Need To Evolve Engineering Education, Before It’s Too Late

Some of the best foreign institutions like MIT, Olin College, Cornell, Stanford, etc., have responded to the unprecedented changes by retooling, reskilling, reprogramming, creating new learning paths, offering unbundled learning and providing a multidisciplinary perspective to the discipline.

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