Dr Jitin Chadha

The author is Founder, Indian Institute of Art & Design and also Founder & Director, ISBF, Delhi

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Internship - A Learning License Before Racing On The Corporate Road

The internship is not just some casual work done for achieving a Certificate. If taken seriously can open up multiple doors of opportunities.

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Has The Pandemic Changed The Way Employers Are Hiring Beyond Geographic Borders?

Remote work, reliance on technology for virtual office spaces and increased digitisation of all work processes are inevitably going to characterise careers and job profiles in the coming months and years. Organisations have invariably come to recognise the many benefits that lie shrouded beneath the surface of remote work.

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Entrepreneurial Journey Of A Communication Designer

"To allow for one’s designs to resonate with the targeted audience, specializations can be streamlined by identifying one’s niche, a distinct segment of the market for which a person is best fitted."

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Significance Of Social Media For Design Professionals

Social media has disrupted the design landscape by allowing a flow of information like never before.

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Blend Of Face-To-Face Teaching And Virtual Lessons: The New Normal For Students


Although classrooms will continue to exist as physical spaces and their utility will focus more on collaboration and application of knowledge to learning projects and real-life issues while most learning will happen at home through virtual lessons.

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Impact Of Project-based Learning On Education

When it comes to creating a generation that is adaptive, innovative and future-ready, education is the primary driver.

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Five Steps For Students To Leverage Social Media For Enhancing Design Portfolio

You need to focus on not only the content of the portfolio but also on the manner in which you are going to exhibit your portfolio on social media.

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How To Secure Future In Indian Design Ecosystem

A qualification from an institute of repute is not just an option but has become mandatory to enable one to penetrate the design community.

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Learning Specific Skill-Set And Upskilling Efficiency

Dr. Jitin Chaddha, Founder - ISBF, and IIAD Speaks to BW Education

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