Dr Kumar Gaurav

The author is PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Patna (IITP) and currently works as Assistant Professor and Head - Deptt of Economics, SN Sinha College, Magadh University

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Quest For Excellence: Developing World Class Indian Institutions

The rampant supply-demand gap in higher education, lacking academia-industry linkage, detachment of teaching from research, low PhD enrolments, weak research infrastructure, deficient innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem are the key challenges in the way of global presence of Indian higher education institutes.

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India-Mauritius CECPA: Unlocking The Economic Potential Through FTA

This agreement is expected to boost mutual trade and commerce between both countries.

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Budget 2021: Hype And Hope For Education

Budget earmarks the need for holistic progress cards for students that will provide them invaluable information to help students choose careers based on their personal strengths, interests and potentialities.

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