Dr Niranjan Hiranandani

The author is Provost of HSNC (Hyderabad Sind National Collegiate) University "Sincerity and commitment to consistent efforts is the recipe to achieve success and great heights." This quote very aptly sums up Dr Niranjan Hiranandani’s ‘Magic Mantra’. Best known as a visionary and Industry think-tank; achieved another milestone in his professional life - his thesis on real estate has resulted in the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management conferred on him. He recently had sworn in as National President for NAREDCO. A business leader with the desire to rewrite India’s real estate story, Niranjan Hiranandani is arguably, India’s ‘builder extraordinaire’, the person credited with changing Mumbai’s skyline. A qualified Chartered Accountant, he has virtually revolutionized the real estate industry in the country.

Latest Articles By Dr Niranjan Hiranandani

Experiential Learning Is The New Way Of Learning

A tailor-made approach needs to be practised across various industries to effectively design niche solutions by the learners.

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Evolution Of Teachers' Fraternity And Its Scope Of Growth

"Teachers' culture and community will remain upright and reputable as the commitment to professionalism and career-focused aspects inspire teachers to stay current in terms of qualities, vocational skills, academics, and personality development."

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Pedagogies In New Era Of Education

Here are the pedagogies that in this novel era of education, the system should adopt and impart for students to be industry-ready.

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Relevancy: Only Way To Dodge Obsolete Knowledge

The methodology to shape up new fostering brains in this digital epoch is a vital area of concern and demands a solicitous approach.

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Transformational Learning Strategies That Will Be Seen In Vocational Courses

Transformational learning is part and parcel of vocational courses will be apt, as vocational courses are generally undertaken by those who are looking to up-skill themselves.

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Strategies Teachers Can Optimally Utilize In Phygital Education System

Following are the ways in which the virtual and blended learning modules can be improved, especially in this phygital world.

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India Inc Cherishes Dynamic And Versatile Personnel Skill Sets

Industry has always shown affinity towards preferential inherited qualities like leadership, impeccable communication, strong work ethics, critical thinking and penchant for entrepreneurship.

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Offerings Of The Reformed Education System That Is Making Students Industry-ready

With most of the professional courses, there is always a concern with how equipped the students are when they finish the full duration of the course.

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A Coalition Of Indian Institutes With International Bodies

In order to make Indian higher education institutions internationally compliant, the Government is currently focusing on creating and training educationists who can envision and provide such courses and syllabi.

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