Dr Rajan Saxena

The author is Vice-chancellor & Distinguished Professor of Marketing, NMIMS

Latest Articles By Dr Rajan Saxena

Liberal Education: A Game Changer

Liberal education has the dynamic potential to shape the next generation of leaders who are committed to the nation and who would work for the growth of the nation, without surrendering the freedom to hold their own point of view.

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NEP: The Transformative Reform In Education

2020 Education policy is different as it impacts all facets of education or rather all stages in the individual’s development starting from pre-school to higher education.

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Corona Crisis: Implications For Higher Education In India

The opportunity in higher education is one of transformational change and not just incremental. This requires brave leadership that is willing to dismantle today and create a new tomorrow.

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Technology For Education

Technology can help reduce the cost of education and hence make good quality education available to all those who are eligible but cannot afford on campus education.

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