Dr S S Mantha

Former Chairman AICTE and Adj Prof NIAS, Bangalore.

Latest Articles By Dr S S Mantha

A Digital University: For Sharing

Sharing is good. With digital technology and a digital university, sharing is easy. That’s the way to go in future. However, it is also necessary that we do not forget our human connection.

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Does This Tech Give The Quietest Student A Voice?


The Ed-tech start-ups should rather focus on improving the inherent skills of young children rather than push them into career-oriented courses.

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Have The Horses Bolted From The Stables Under Lockdown

The argument is to understand if the boom in the ed-tech industry is temporary and only a pandemic phenomenon or if the Indian ed-tech companies have successfully interpreted the Ed Scene in the country.

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National Education Policy In Higher Education: Coming Full Circle

The NEP envisages broad-based, multi-disciplinary, holistic Under Graduate education with flexible curricula, creative combinations of subjects, integration of vocational education and multiple entry and exit points with appropriate certification.

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NEP - An Indian Ethos

The draft suggests a multi-disciplinary higher education system and a simplified university system, to emphasise on professional, humanities and pure science streams.

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Crisis Of Corona

Corona will not leave the readers any opportunity to fight, let alone the defenses, to continue attending the schools, keeping the children and staff and all those who serve the country to raise our economy and GDP vulnerable.

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Is The Right To Information (RTI) Giving Right Information?

The RTI Act came to empower citizens and promote transparency but has it really delivered its promises asks Dr SS Mantha, former chairman, AICTE

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Is Innovative Disruption A Tool Of The Future?

Former Chairman of AICTE, Dr SS Mantha stresses on how the concept of innovative disruption can be a game changer for businesses and political parties alike

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One Nation: One Market: Really?

Former Chairman of AICTE, Dr SS Mantha on why a dynamic market can diminish mediocrity and enhance progress of an individual and the nation as well

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