Dr Sachin Bansal

The author is the Founder and Chief Explorer® of ‘City Explorers Private Limited, India’ and with two decades of experience, he has multiple flagships functional in the arena of community impact and destination product creation within tourism industry. As a destination branding specialist, he has coined the conceptual acronyms and led the co-creation through ‘Experiential Delivery in Tourism (EDiT)™’ and ‘Resonating Experiential Delivery Outcome (REDO)™’. For IP related enquiry or for more information can reach Dr. Sachin Bansal on help@cityexplorers.

Latest Articles By Dr Sachin Bansal

Non Fungible Tokens And Artists

Future artists must adapt to digital diversity before stepping into the NFT space and getting familiarised with digital interactions.

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Edu Walks, Tourism And Entrepreneurs

Edu Walks can be a tool used to help entrepreneurs make socially conscious choices as well as contribute to prosperity in the tourism sector.

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