Dr Shachi Yadav

The author is Assistant Professor, Atal Bihari Vajpayee School of Management and Entrepreneurship, JNU

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The Skill Landscape Of India- How Management Educators Can Contribute

One of the interminable requisites from business schools is that the students should be equipped with contemporary skills on day one at their jobs.

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Gender Mainstreaming In The Economic Landscape - What Business Schools Can Do

There are harmful gender norms that hinder women's rights to participate in economic activities.

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Ethics In Business Education: Insights From New Education Policy

"When ethical dilemmas emerge in this digital age, they will be more complex and ambiguous. This means the future managers and educators will require a more developed moral reasoning skill set to meet the challenges of this new age."

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New Education Policy 2020: A Determined Attempt To Transform Professional Education For An Atmanirbhar Bharat

NEP has ingredients for building robust systems to support high-quality research, recruit the best talent, and promote meritocracy

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