Dr Sukhvinder Singh Dari

The author is Director, Symbiosis Law School, Nagpur

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Gear Up To Ace The Legal Tech Race

The power of any legal professional is in the uncertainty of the law

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How Young Law Professionals Can Capitalize Through Micro-Niche Practices

Specialising in a niche subject and targeting a small segment of clients from a much broader market will help young law professionals set themselves apart, laser-focus their marketing, and become thought leaders in their niche.

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Effective Communication Critical To Studying And Practicing Law

Clarity and authenticity are the keys to effective communication in the legal sphere

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4 Ways For Potential Lawyers To Build Network

Networking: The key to success behind your next potential client

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Intellectual Property Law: A Noble Pursuit Within The Field Of Law

The demand for specialized lawyers, popularly known as Intellectual Property Lawyers, is growing at a high rate globally.

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3 Parameters To Consider While Choosing Your Law Specialization

Law has always been considered as an exciting and noble profession having a visible impact.

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Incorporating Business Strategies In Study Of Corporate Law

Several law schools have now incorporated business strategy as one of the prime subjects in the study of corporate law.

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