Dr. Rajeev Gupta

CA Dr. Rajeev Gupta, is a strategic advisor and transformational coach, working with individuals, groups, corporations and educational institutions. He is the founder Director for Telescope Solutions,founder Director of Golden Bells, founder Director of De Indian Public School, Director of India’s leading educational publisher, Rachna Sagar and founder Director of Swa – Adhyayan, the learning app for school students.

Latest Articles By Dr. Rajeev Gupta

DMIA Brain Capacity Test can help parents give their child a good “head start”

An increasing number of parents are taking their children, as young as one year-old, for the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA). The 10-minute analysis, costing Rs 5,000, aims to unveil one’s genetic potential based on a study of the ridge patterns on the tips of one’s fingers.

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