Dr. S.S. Mantha

Former Chairman of AICTE, Dr. Mantha is an eminent academician. At present he is the Adjunct Professor at NIAS, Bangalore.

Latest Articles By Dr. S.S. Mantha

A New Vision For Education

It is time to disrupt the traditional outlook of education, if we want to see a rejuvenated education system of 21st century, vibrant and meeting the aspirations of students.

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Disrupt And Innovate Education

The impact of disruption on the delivery of education means that in many ways, pathways are opening up to cheaper, faster and more accessible learning for students. Once limited by geography, students in remote areas can now access education and learn in a way they never could before. It also means that a greater range of educational providers have come into play. Universities and other higher education providers owe it to themselves and their students to keep up with this education disruption. If they embrace all the challenges and possibilities of this digital age, the promise of a better education for next generation students awaits and they’re worth it. If not they will fall by the wayside.

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What Ails Our Universities?

Way back in 1854, "Wood's despatch" as it was then called, Sir Charles Wood, the president of the then East India Company,suggested that primary schools must adopt vernacular languages, high school must adopt Anglovernacular language and on college level English medium for education. Vocational and women's education were also stressed upon.

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The E-learning Archetype

Education is experiencing a great disruption, much like the other business, fields of work and time. The entire education paradigm is staring at a large shift – and in all probability it could be pinned down to three reasons.

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How good is GST for Education?

We often describe goods and services in the same breath almost loosely so to say. Different as they are, a business is successful if it can combine the two to provide a unique USP.

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“HEERA” Can this be our Kosher Diamond?

HEERA is next in line. What must be the role of HEERA? Will it solve the existing issues?

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Employment and Employability - two sides of the same coin?

Automation, Robotics and AI will eat up jobs. What must the stakeholders do to address this issue?

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Is Autonomy a Panacea?

Can we extend fundamental right of freedom to operate Institutions? In this context is real autonomy possible? Or is it a myth?

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Going towards a “New Education Policy”

Past few years have been extremely eventful in the education eco space of this country. However, this year offers little prospect for relief. The top issues of 2017 will undoubtedly include cost, Workforce development, creating an environment for competency based education, accreditation, assessment, Quality Assurance, Skills based education, leadership crisis, and the challenges of online education. The new education policy would do well to address these issues.

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