James Abdey

Professor James Abdey teaches the Department’s large service-level undergraduate courses in mathematical statistics and quantitative methods, as well as elective courses in market research. His research interests include market research techniques and forensic statistics – the interplay of Statistics and Law. Prof. Abdey (Assistant Professorial Lecturer, LSE & Guest Faculty and Faculty Trainer at ISBF) has been closely involved with LSE’s Summer School and the University of London International Programmes for a number of years. His association with ISBF has grown over the last few years and he’s travelled to India to conduct Faculty Training and Teachers’ Symposium over the past two years.

Latest Articles By James Abdey

Increasing Customisation: A Revealed Preference For Data Science

The market value of graduates with such a skill set is not limited to marketing and the corporate sector. In fact, the application of data science holds enormous promise for policymaking.

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Why Classrooms Are Increasingly Becoming Irrelevant

Game-based learning in the form of in-class snap polls using smartphone voting, such as offered by Kahoot!, can also generate a sense of fun in learning. If students explicitly look forward to coming to class, they are more likely to engage and develop their understanding of course material.

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