Kartik Bajoria

Kartik Bajoria is a writer, educator and moderator. He holds workshops on creative writing and personality development at various schools.

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The Influx Of Technology And Its Impact On Education In Indian Society

Technology has truly transformed the way we live our lives. Unsurprisingly then, the impact of technology then is immense in the sphere of education too, where, be it at home, or at school and educational institution, the integration of digital and other technologies has diametrically changed the learning experience.

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The Positive Impact of Collaborative Technology on Education And Career Programming

Education is at a crossroads of academic pursuits and technical innovation. Collaborative technology is bridging these two elements together and moulding the industry in a completely unique way. Read the article to know more about collaborative technology and its impact on the education industry.

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3 Key Aspects Of Teaching Innovations In 2019

The tools and methods of imparting a robust education have transformed. The surprising thing is that with hardly 10% of the over 1.3 million schools across India that have adopted some form of Smart Classes & Digitized Learning Solutions.

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