Kounal Gupta

Kounal Gupta is the Chief Executive Officer of Henry Harvin. Starting Henry Harvin, Kounal’s own business venture, required little afterthought because Kounal had always wanted to be an entrepreneur and in his own words, he "digested marketing for breakfast, finance for lunch, and strategy for dinner". Before turning 18 Kounal had already started a business and later made several attempts to establish a business before successfully launching Henry Harvin. He gravitated towards establishing a company that imparted new skills to others because he always had a passion for learning new skills himself

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The Act Of Balancing Higher Education In India

As technology leads the delivery of solutions and breaks out of the pandemic, physical and digital hybrid learning models emerge, emerging as a global sweet spot for affordable and quality education in this new regular India

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How Online Courses Are Helping In Improving Accounting Skills

Many people over the past few decades have participated in online courses and gone on to become successful professionals including accountants. There are essentially 2 types of training available online, Instructor-led courses and self-paced courses

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