Mariya Jilinskaya Pandey

Dr. Mariya Jilinskaya-Pandey is Assistant Professor- Psychology, Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities. Pandey has over a decade of cross-cultural experience of living and working n India, Europe, Middle East and North America as a student, researcher, consultant, academician, and advisory to government and semi-government organizations. She is a registered Chartered Psychologist (C.Pyschol) with British Psychological Society and has contributed significantly in the field of psychometrics in France and India.

Latest Articles By Mariya Jilinskaya Pandey

A Liberal Arts Degree Is Not Only Meant For One Job – It Is Meant For Any Job

Liberal Arts can also be the future as it prepares them for any job as it gives them the required foundation skills that they will need across sectors.

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Student's Ideal - Learning Without Being Taught

Today, Psychology is a very popular major across Indian Private Universities, more and more students – even though interested in Psychology from their first year, choose to enroll in a broader program in order to keep their options open.

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