Mohammad Zeeshan

The author is Co-founder & CEO, MyCaptain

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Internships: The Secret Code To Unlocking Talent?

From Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration to a Copywriter intern, you can follow your genuine passion regardless of age.

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Alternate Careers And Making Them Sustainable.

On choosing alternate careers such as comedy, writing, filmmaking, music production, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and making it sustainable.

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A Generation That Welcomes Varied Careers: A Light Into The Fields Which Have Picked Up The Most In The Last One Year

The Gen Z in India has realised the importance of Mental Health and social media has led to massive awareness and curiosity about the same.

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Changing Societal Mindset Towards Careers In India

The school education system has limited scope for exploration of interests.

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Taking Photography As A Career

With a boom of mass media, advertising, e-commerce and other fields have created a huge need for professional photographers.

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