Nimish Kenia

Nimish Kenia, who is a Chartered Accountant by profession, is the creative mind behind Happy Planet. An avid traveler, Mr. Kenia tries to recreate emotions in children that have found a way of expression in other countries. Nimish’s dream is to make Happy Planet accessible to every child in every city around the country

Latest Articles By Nimish Kenia

Is Technology Aiding Or Alienating Us?

Through this piece, let us see how the new age gadgets has reduced opportunities for human interaction and alienated today's kids from experiencing the joy & free play

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Why Indian Marketeer Have Started To Invest In Indoor Play Park

The concept of Indoor Play Parks is gradually fine-tuning with young parents, who are adopting the new trend for the well-being of their kids, and mostly because they have pretty limited options.

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How Amusement & Theme Parks Help Children Nurture?

Amusement and Theme Parks are a wonderful gift for kids and adults alike. Meant for absolute entertainment in safe, friendly and adventurous environment, these playful recreational areas have nurtured children in more than one way.

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