Pinky Dalal

Mrs Pinky Dalal, has been a passionate educationist for over three decades and is currently the Chairperson of JBCN Education. Her journey in the field of education started in 1984 when she opened her first preschool, Children’s Nook in South Mumbai. She pioneered the concept of a structured but informal education for children between the ages of 1.5 to 3.5 years. Her dedication to a strong academic programme which enabled children to learn while having fun and her ability to guide parents made her preschools a popular choice for parents.

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Mindfulness In Education

Mindfulness in education or in the classroom, implies a host of different things- it can be something as simple as calming the children down before the start of a class to something more complicated like studying the effects of words on their emotions or just making them aware of their environment and their role in society

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