Rohit Manglik

Rohit Manglik is CEO at EduGorilla, an ed-tech startup.

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National Education Policy 2020: What’s In The Store For Indian Education System?

A notable feature of the NEP is the emphasis on critical thinking and experiential learning through a focus on etiquette and behaviour, ethics and play-based learning.

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Career Prospects In Biomedical Engineering

A Biomedical engineer is a professional who intelligently amalgamates medicine with engineering. The role of a biomedical engineer is to design systems and products which can substitute damaged body parts such as artificial organs, devise equipment for diagnostic purposes, install maintain and repair biomedical equipments, train personnel in biosafety and many more.

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Humanities Stream Gaining New Heights

In some science research institutes in Kolkata, Rs 12,000 are provisioned monthly for the students pursuing their MSc programmes. And, don’t mistake it for a stipend, as charities continue even on a student’s failure in examinations.

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