Saiju Aravind

Saiju Aravind, Founder & MD of EduBrisk Knowledge Solutions, is passionate about ushering in a revolution in the Education Sector, with his motto ‘Demystifying Brilliance’. He believes that it is possible to ‘Learn to Lean’ by mimicking Brilliance. Towards this, he and his Team have been working on developing Teaching, Learning and Mentoring techniques. A Post Graduate from IIT Delhi, he was a Scientist at the DRDO and served as Commander in the Indian Navy. He is a member of the Institute of Defense Scientists & Technologists (IDST) and has received the 'Tukral Memorial Award’, the ‘Commodore Garg Silver Medal’ at IIT, Delhi, as well as Chief of Naval Staff Commendation, to name a few Awards. He has also published about Fifteen Papers and Articles in Indian and International Journals. (For more information about his Publications, Google ‘Saiju A NSTL’)

Latest Articles By Saiju Aravind

How EdTech Firms Are Enabling Students In Tier-2,3 Cities To Come Onboard With The New National Education Policy?

To give a push to the same, make education accessible and streamline the sector, the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has been released.

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Online Classes: Busting Myths, One At A Time


There are a zillion questions in everyone’s mind about the effectiveness and efficiency of online classes.

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STEM Education – Game Changer In Education And Industry

The 21st-century skills, especially the ‘creativity and critical thinking’ need a higher degree of knowledge, one that is not so compartmentalized and slanted. We cannot also cope with a system that is trained to leave many children behind.

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Innovations And Trends In Inclusive Education

Inclusion, in the context of school, calls for redesigning the admission policy, the infrastructure, the teaching strategies, the learning experiences for students and the expected outcomes to include all the learners of varying abilities. It calls for providing opportunities to students with disabilities to learn alongside their able peers in classrooms.

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