Sampreeth Reddy Samala

Sampreeth Reddy Samala is the Founder and CEO of Worldview, a person-centric experiential learning platform for Generation-Z. Sampreeth is responsible for the overall management, strategy, finance, and governance of the eight-year-old company. Sampreeth’s core focus areas are to expand the ‘Worldview Institute of Learning & Leadership’ to more campuses around the country to cover a variety of geographies including deserts, forests, high-mountains, deltas, valleys, and plains. This will be a step ahead in Worldview’s aim to develop locally & regionally relevant geography based learning. He also intends to increase Worldview’s regional presence in South Asia, the Middle East & South East Asia during this time. His vision is to establish Worldview as the global first choice for schools & parents to access future-ready education tools & models.

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Encourage Kids To Adopt Environment-Friendly Practices And Cut Plastic Use

In a survey conducted with over 800 Gen Z students, 39 per cent said that citizens are the ones who have the most positive impact on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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