Santosh Kudtarkar

The author is Dean of Faculty of Liberal Education at FLAME University, Pune.

Latest Articles By Santosh Kudtarkar

Who Should Opt For Liberal Arts?

Traditional liberal arts disciplines such as Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Literature, History are undergoing massive changes in their way of doing things in light of the computation and data revolution. Their practitioners are employing new technologies to better understand, explain, and intervene in society. The rise of the internet has brought in new forms of labour, production, and capital supply while upending traditional economic models.

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Liberal Arts Important To College Education

The democratization of education coupled with the exigencies of economic survival has necessitated training in specific practical skills to secure one’s future.

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Liberal Arts Is Creating Solid Foundation For Future Global Leaders

Liberal Arts education believes in educating students for life by giving them the fundamental tools and techniques, borrowed from multiple disciplines that can be used in any stream of human endeavor.

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