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Germany Offers Paid Internship Opportunities For Students.

Internships are available in various fields like business, media, marketing while there are sectors such as engineering, hospitality and many more where students can apply to learn to gain valuable work experience.

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Find Your Desired Field To Get International, Paid Summer Internship

Internships always count as a rewarding experience, it’s an extra bonus when you get paid for your work, financial support from internships is quite appealing and competitive

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Inspiring Engineering And Management Students Through International Internship Program

An International internship is one of the best ways to explore career paths in the tech industry.

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Get A Real Edge In Your Career With Virtual International Internships

In a virtual international internship, you intern for a company that is located abroad and you’re required to fulfil all your work duties remotely.

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How NEP Strongly Support Online Courses For Future Generation

Time has come to change the system of education from remote to online.

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