Tanuja Gomes

The author is CO Founder and CO CEO, Furtados School of Music

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No Strings Attached To All Strings Attached


How Music Education Is Easing The Education Pressure.

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Education: Pre-budget Expectation During Ongoing Pandemic

The funding needs to be increased considering the need for robust research and development in the field of education.

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How Can Parents Help Kids Feel Festive This Diwali Despite The Pandemic

Here are some activities that may be recommended to celebrate Diwali with the young ones.

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Balanced Mind Means A Happy Mind

Due to an increase in the time spent on social media, there has been a spike in mental health-related issues in young adults.

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Non-conventional Subjects, As A Necessary Part Of The Curriculum In New Age Learning

Performing Arts as such, if introduced into the education curriculum can prove to bring the ideal balance a child should stem with.

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