Vinesh Menon

The author is the Chief Executive Officer – Education, Skilling & Consulting Services, Ampersand Group

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Strengthening Government School Delivery Through CSR

It is not enough to follow the statutorily mandated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Act. These activities need to be monitored and used effectively to help government, specifically the education sector.

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Innovation In Education Is In Safe Hands Of The Next-gen Entrepreneur

The National Education Policy 2020 coincidently surfaced during this period after 3 decades and some of the most significant changes or reforms captured have been in the areas that cannot be implemented without technology support.

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National Education Policy 2020 – Are We Walking The Talk?

A policy of such nature in a country with diverse interests, diverse cultures, diverse languages and diverse thought architectures would not be able to really meet the personal and social interests of all individuals and communities.

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