William Petty

William Petty, Director of Bonas Macfarlane - one of the UK's most respected providers of private tuition & educational advice, placing clients into the world's best schools & universities, while he is in India from August 17th onwards. As Director at Bonas Macfarlane, Mr. Petty has overseen the recruitment and training of over 500 of London's most sought-after tutors utilising his own experiences along the way. In his role as an Educational Consultant, he has advised countless families from around the globe on gaining places at leading Independent Schools in the UK. He enjoys very close ties with Harrow School and has specialised in placing children in boarding schools and academically selective London day schools.

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Following Pandit Nehru’s Path: Indians In British Boarding Schools

Boarding schools are not merely schools with associated accommodation; in the way, one might view a university. Boarding school life is a cohesive entity day and night, they frequently have world-class facilities all readily accessible on-site and round-the-clock staffing.

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