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A Sculpture That’s Been Over Sculpted, Leaves Behind Nothing.

Let the Kid be, Let it Run, Let it Play, Let it Laugh, Let it Fall. After all, how else will it learn?

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Nursery Students Confined In Room For 5 Hours, Claim Parents; Case Registered.

Students harassed over fees payment: Case registered against Rabea Girls' Public School in Delhi

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Is Too Much Screen Time Harming Your Child?

Ninety eight per cent of the brain develops in the first five years. Parents and educators can create brain compatible environments to support this growth. Read about how to enhance brain growth in your child.

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Good Parenting

Some of the crucial good parenting points to be kept in mind-

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DMIA Brain Capacity Test can help parents give their child a good “head start”

An increasing number of parents are taking their children, as young as one year-old, for the Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Analysis (DMIA). The 10-minute analysis, costing Rs 5,000, aims to unveil one’s genetic potential based on a study of the ridge patterns on the tips of one’s fingers.

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Parenting a super child!

Your child’s experiences with the outputs as words, actions, and ranging behaviors are the result of many differential calculi. The most evident reflection that he could mirror back to you is your parenting style, no matter what age he is.

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