Article on August 01, 2018

Ireland: A New Destination Of Choice For Indian Postgraduate Students

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government agency responsible for the overseas promotion of Irish companies and education institutions.

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Can Children Be Influenced To Commit Suicide?

In India, about 46,000 suicides occurred each in 15–29 and 30–44 age groups in 2012 – or about 34% each of all suicides and it was executed through Poisoning (33%), hanging (26%) and self-immolation (9%) primarily (Registrar General of India, Government of India). In 2012, 80% of the suicide victims were literate, higher than the national average literacy rate of 74%.

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Rise Of Industry-Academia Partnership And Engagement Models In India

From AI, analytics perspective; research and innovation are the key differentiators. Let us dig deeper into the academia-industry engagements and dwell on building robust and synergistic engagement model and framework between academia-industry.

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The Growth Of Global Schooling

Today a child is not expected to retain information as we have Google to do that for them. Now a child is expected to understand the concepts and should be able to apply them in his/her surroundings if you notice this has provided opportunities to many young entrepreneurs who have applied their ideas and created a business model for themselves.

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The Changing Landscape Of Education

Traditional education systems, with emphasis on engineering, medicine, and other such traditional courses, have been in play for ages now and have worked well so far. But times are changing and hence, education needs to evolve and keep pace with the advancing technologies

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