Article on August 08, 2018

IIT Mandi Helps Rural Women Turn Entrepreneurs

Started as an initiative of IIT Mandi Women's Center, the incubator, called 'Enabling Women of Kamand' (EWOK), helps rural women set up their services or small enterprises.

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Role Of Robots In Education And Business Applications

Let us embrace the humanoids as these are going to be like cream of the crop

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Are Competetive Exams A Good Parameter Of Judging A Candidate?

Are tests such as CAT, IAS Exams, SSC Exams, GATE- The right way to measure the effectiveness of people, let's discuss

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The Art Of Gemology And Its Relevance To India's Economy

In India, the gems and jewellery industry is one of the oldest in the country, dating back thousands of years. It has traditionally been a family business that has seen the participation of generations.

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HECI Needs To Adopt A Different Approach To Revolutionize The Education Eco-System

As per the proposed Act, HECI will not have any funding powers but is expected to focus on Academics standards and related matters. It is not defined by where the funding powers will lie. Leaving them with a set of people instead of a central institution will not be the right thing and may lead to larger problems for many institutions.

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The Indian Institute Of Art And Design Conducted The Orientation Day 2018

The Indian Institute of Art and Design conducted the Orientation Day for its fourth batch of design students at the Indian Institute of Technology Seminar hall , New Delhi.

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