Article on June 08, 2018

Samsung Expands Its Flagship Citizenship Initiative In India, Adds 200 New Samsung Smart Class Across The Country

Initiative aims to bridge the digital gap between rural and urban India and provide equal opportunities for quality education to children from all backgrounds

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Think, Speak And Write Freely To Foster A Spirit Of Curiosity And Learning

Prof Sujata Shahi, Vice Chancellor IILM University Gurugram speaks to BW Education's Waqar Ahmed Fahad regarding some key issues related to Indian academic space.

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The Schools Have To Make Students Future Ready

Naveen Mandava- Co-Founder and Executive Director, at IMAX Program, Speaks to BW Education through an online interview

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Liberal Arts Important To College Education

The democratization of education coupled with the exigencies of economic survival has necessitated training in specific practical skills to secure one’s future.

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