Article on July 11, 2018

MVJ College Of Engineering, Bangalore students Students Invent A Gas Leakage Detector With SMS Alert

Gas leak detection is a process of identifying potentially hazardous gas leaks by means of various sensors. These sensors usually employ an audible alarm to alert people when dangerous gas has been detected along with it gives SMS.

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Curious Case Of Case Studies In Management Education

This piece will discuss that why wider adoption of the case study method can enhance the efficacy of management education in Indian business schools

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Career In Fashion Can Be A Good Option For Students

Let's see how has the fashion industry evolved over years, what are the segments that a fashion student need to indulge in

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Meritorious In Every Way, But Lacked Funds, DU Aspirant Rescued By The Staff

Amidst several students applying for admissions in Delhi University's undergraduate programmes, an 18-year-old qualified at Bharati college, except on one account, she did not have the money to deposit fees.

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How Artificial Intelligence Redefining Essence Of Education

AI in education has opened the doors for a deeper understanding of both what knowledge is required, what’s the best way to acquire it and what impediments are preventing it from being acquired.

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Nursery Students Confined In Room For 5 Hours, Claim Parents; Case Registered.

Students harassed over fees payment: Case registered against Rabea Girls' Public School in Delhi

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