Article on March 19, 2018

Data Science - A Career With Wide Range Of Opportunities

The data analytics term is used for relatively lower-paid jobs, focused on routine inspection of data, its visualization and report generation. Majority of jobs in this category carry a salary range of Rs 6.00 lakh per year or below. On the other hand, a majority of data science and data engineer jobs carry a salary of Rs. 8.00 lakh per year and above

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Realism Is Key To Learning

Viraj Jit Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Kidzania India tells Waqar Ahmed Fahad how the interactive indoor theme park empowers and educates through real-life role-play activities

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Artificial Intelligence: A Smart Career Choice

Technology developing faster than society’s ability to comprehend its intended benefits & unintended consequences

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Student's Ideal - Learning Without Being Taught

Today, Psychology is a very popular major across Indian Private Universities, more and more students – even though interested in Psychology from their first year, choose to enroll in a broader program in order to keep their options open.

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Education Needs To Be Re-Evaluated In The Light Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Internationally recognised education consultant Tony Brandenburg who provides Education Technology Consultancy Services to the UNESCO speaks on the future of technology and it’s on education and learning processes

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