Article on July 26, 2018

Sonam Wangchuk Gets Ramon Magsaysay Award

Another Indian Bharat Vatwani is among the winners of this year's Ramon Magsaysay Award, regarded as the Asian version of the Nobel Prize.

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Soft Skills And Leadership Skills Are Must For Every Engineer

In an email interview, The Vice Chancellor ( UPES) , Dr. Jha spoke to Dr. Waqar Ahmed of BW Education on his vision for the UPES

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Learning Through Play Is Must For Holistic Development Of A Child

In an incredible journey, toys have traversed from one that helps us in role-playing to one that aids in the development of motor skills as well as cognitive skills across ages.

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Emerging Career Trends In Engineering And Technology

Engineering college seats were highly competitive and getting into an engineering college was a guarantee for a successful career for life. Not anymore! Many engineering colleges are either being closed or the number of seats remains unfilled!

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Industry and Academia Have A Variety Of Multifaceted Options To Propel CSR Activities

“Integrate, Innovate and Implement” is the mantra to set cost-intensive social initiatives in motion and fuel unparalleled CSR solutions, to uplift our global society.

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Somebody Who Fails Can Be Better Than Others

Ramon Magsaysay Award recipient Sonam Wangchuk tells it in an exclusive conversation with BW Education's Editor Waqar Ahmed Fahad, a few excerpts from the interview are placed below

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